Resume Content, Design, and Presentation

Resume writing and the creation of job-search materials is an art and a science. True, you can teach yourself the fundamentals, and maybe avoid any glaring mistakes. You might even find that you get some responses to your creations. Great! But are you getting all the responses you could? Are you positioning yourself to your best advantage? Does the form and content of your resume permit fast reading and clearly present your case or does the reader have to dig for the facts? What is the crucial information any successful resume should have?

Every resume and cover letter that Resume Consultants Ltd., writes goes through four stages of careful preparation. We begin by writing a resume and cover letter draft for a client’s personal review; second, we constructively respond and build on a client’s comments, and prepare a refined version of their documents; third, the resume and cover letter are put through a meticulous proofreading process with a special focus on content, integrity and format; finally, we email you final drafts as PDF and/or Word file documents — ready for your distribution.

Most importantly, at Resume Consultants Ltd., you will receive professional and confidential assistance wherever you stand in the resume and cover letter writing process. We are a full-service business, specializing in written materials for your job search. This means that advice and expertise are available from initial career planning, to writing and design, through to final proofreading and presentation of your resume and cover letter to prospective employers.