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Resume Consultants Ltd., was established in 1982, and has been featured in Canada’s leading newspapers, magazines, websites, and on national television news programs, including the Globe and Mail/Report on Business, Toronto Star/Business, National Post/Review, National Post Business Magazine, (, and on CBC’s Business News.

As leading providers of resume writing services for career professionals, business executives and corporate managers in both the private and public sectors, we carefully work with individuals to create well-focused and concise marketing documentation that meet or exceed employment industry expectations. We are able to ensure clients high-quality career marketing and presentation materials through accurate, hard-hitting, and truthful writing of factual work information and quantifiable accomplishments.

You’ve heard it from career professionals, co-workers, friends, and maybe the words have slipped from your own lips … finding the right job is the hardest job you will ever have! We strategically address this difficult but true fact of life, and are aware that there are ways of making the task of job-hunting easier and far more effective. We have brought satisfaction to thousands of job seekers and proudly stand by our work by assisting clients with complete resume re-writes, updates and re-direction of their careers as employment needs change.